A Histopatholoical Study of Liver in Autopsy Cases


  • Daxa Rathod1 , Bhavika vaghela2 , Hansa Goswami3




Autopsy, Congestion, fatty liver, cirrhosis


Introduction: An autopsy is a magnificent learning tool in the hands of pathologists to study the histopathological spectrum of diseases which help to study the in situ disease process as well as rare incidental diagnosis.In certain cases where cause of death is unknown,histopathological examination can give us opinion regarding cause of death.Liver is one of the vital organ and main site of metabolism,as a results it also become site for large number of diseases,of which most of them are symptomatic while few liver diseases are diagnosed on autopsy.Aim of the study is to analyse various hepatic pathology in liver autopsy cases.
Materials and Method: It is a retrospective study of 100 cases of liver autopsy received during the period of two months in BJMC,Ahmedabad.
Viscera of liver(as a whole or in pieces) were received along with its clinical detail, suspected cause of death and postmortem findings.Gross and microscopic examination of liver tissue were performed in detail.
Results: Most of the specimen having normal cut surface followed by greasy surface.The most common microscopic finding was congestion(58%) followed by fatty liver (20%),cirrhosis(8%),chronic passive venous congestion(9%),Necrosis(4%),Sickle cell RBCs in congested vessel(1%).Most common age group affected was 31-40 years of age. Minimum age was 7 years and maximum was 83 years.Male accounting 66% while female only 34%.
Conclusion: Silent diseases of the liver are not uncommon. Autopsy examination of liver is very helpful to identify silent liver diseases.Most common microscopic finding observed in present study was congestion followed by fatty liver with male predominance.Most common age group affected by fatty liver was 41-60 years.

Author Biography

Daxa Rathod1 , Bhavika vaghela2 , Hansa Goswami3

1Post graduate Resident, 2Associate Professor, 3Professor & Head Of Department, Department of Pathology,
B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad