Histomorphological Spectrum of Kidney Lesions in Autopsy Cases


  • Komal Desai1, Nandita Mehta2, Hansa Goswami3




Renal lesions, Histomorphological spectrum, autopsy


Introduction: The kidneys are often affected by chronic inflammatory lesions, neoplasm, toxic effect of various drugs and metabolic disorders. The present study reveals interesting & incidental findings of renal pathology in autopsy cases.
Aims & Objectives :The present study was carried out with the aim of finding out histomorphological spectrum of renal lesions at autopsy.
Materials and Method : The present study included kidney specimens of 100 autopsies received in Department Of Pathology, B. J. Medical College, Ahmedabad to find out the frequency of various renal lesions at autopsy. Gross Examination of the specimens was carried out and relevant tissue samples from kidneys were submitted for routine paraffin processing. The Histological Sections were prepared using H & E Stain and Microscopic Examination was done.
Result: Out of total 100 cases, in 16 cases, the microscopic morphology was close to normal histology. Remaining 84 cases had a pathological finding which consisted of non glomerular nephropathies (69%) were higher as compared to that of glomerular lesions (15%). In glomerular alterations focal glomerulosclerosis, segmental glomerulosclerosis , nodular glomerulosclerosis and mesangial cell proliferations were most common. Tubular and interstitium lesions were observed in 46 cases which included acute tubular necrosis, chronic pyelonephritis and interstitial inflammation. Tuberculous inflammation was observed in 4 cases. Simple cysts were observed in 3 cases and Tumor was found in 1 case.
Conclusion: Our study provided relevant & useful data regarding morphological spectrum of various renal lesions in autopsy cases.

Author Biography

Komal Desai1, Nandita Mehta2, Hansa Goswami3

1Post-Graduate Resident, 2Additional Professor, 3Professor and Head of Department, Department of Pathology, B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India