A Clinico-Pathological Study of Paediatric Primary Tumour of Eye & Orbit


  • Kruti S. Shah1, Viral M. Bhanvadia2, Hansa M. Goswami3




Pediatric age group, ocular tumors, malignant, benign, vision loss.


Introduction: Tumors occurring in pediatric age group comprises about 2% of all tumors. Ocular tumors represent a different histological spectrum in children than in adults. Diagnosis of ocular tumors in initial stages in pediatric age group is a challenge for the opthalmologists. Early diagnosed tumors have higher cure rates due to immediate treatment. Incidence of orbital tumor is -3.5-4%. Orbito-ocular tumors are unsightly and may contribute to visual disturbances. Visual loss in children has implications for all aspects of the child’s development.
Materials & Method: This is the prospective study including 80 registered cases below 12 years of age at M&J western regional Institute of Ophthalmology , B.J. Medical College & Civil hospital , Ahmedabad. Histopathological examination was carried out on all the specimens received and the results were noted and analysed.
Results:Out of 80 cases, 37 were benign (46.2%) and 43 were malignant (53.7%).43 were males and 36 were females. Most common site involved was Retina and Retinoblastoma was the most common tumor found. Rhabdomyosarcoma was the most common extra-ocular tumor. Dermoid cyst was the most common benign lesion.
Conclusion: In this study, maximum number of cases fall in the age group 0-6 years of age. Retinoblastoma is the most common tumor found in the pediatric age group followed by Dermoid cyst.

Author Biography

Kruti S. Shah1, Viral M. Bhanvadia2, Hansa M. Goswami3

1Post-graduate Resident, 2Assistant Professor,3Professor & Head, Department of Pathology, B. J. Medical College and Civil Hospital, Asarwa, Ahmedabad 380016, Gujarat, Indi