A Histopathological Profile of Eyelid Lesions: Study at Tertiary Care Center


  • Nikhilkumar M. Sonagara1, Shakera Baji2, Viral Bhanvadiya3




Eyelid, histopathology, neoplastic versus non neoplastic lesions


Introduction: Eyelid lesions are common who present to ophthalmologists, dermatologist and general practioners. Eyelid have wide range of tissues like skin, subcutaneous tissues including adnexa, striated muscle, gland, and palpebral conjunctiva so wide range of disease present.
Material and Method: In this retrospective study carried out the department of pathology in M. & J. Western regional institute of ophthalmology- civil hospital and B. J. Medical college- Ahmedabad. In this data of 205 eyelid lesion were identified over a period of 1 year(January 2018 to December 2018). In each cases details include age, gender, site of eyelid and final histopathological diagnosis were retrieved.
Result: The highest incidence of eyelid lesions was observed in the age group of 41-50(15.60%) follow by 61-70(14.3%), lowest incidence in age group more than 80 years(2.05%). Male were found to be more affected than female(54.1% >45.86). Right upper lid(36.58%) was more commonly involved. Neoplastic lesion(52.68%) were more common than non-neoplastic(47.32%) lesion. Amongst the non-neoplastic lesions, prevalence of Dermoid cyst(12.68%) was the highest. Among the neoplastic lesions malignant(36.58%) lesion were common than benign(16.09%). In benign lesions Instradermal nevus(3.90%) was highest prevalence. In malignant lesions Squamous cell carcinoma(13.65%) was highest.
Conclusion: Epidemiology of eyelid lesions in this study population was different from population of other similar studies. All ophthalmic lesions removed surgically should always be subjected to histopathological examination to establish correct diagnosis for further management. Prevalence of Dermoid cyst was highest in non neoplastic lesions, Nevus was highest in benign lesions and Squamous cell carcinoma was highest in malignant lesions.

Author Biography

Nikhilkumar M. Sonagara1, Shakera Baji2, Viral Bhanvadiya3

1Post-graduate Resident,2Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology, B. J. Medical College and Civil Hospital, Asarwa, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, 3Assistant Professor, M.J. Regional Western Institute-B.J.Medical College, Department of Pathology, Civil Hospital, Asarwa, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India