A Study of Awareness on Artificial Insemination among Medical College Students


  • Shifa Shahina Nijamudeen1 , Dekal V2




Artificial insemination, Assisted reproductive technique, Awareness, medical students


Introduction: Artificial Insemination (AI) is the deliberate introduction of sperm into a female’s cervix or

uterine cavity for the purpose of achieving a pregnancy through in vivo fertilization by means other than

sexual intercourse. This is one among the methods of assisted reproductive technique. This study aims to

find out the level of awareness about Artificial Insemination among medical students

Materials and Method: This is a questionnaire-based study. A self-administered questionnaire in multiple

choice format distributed among the medical students of Saveetha medical college. Total of 120 students,

Forty students from each batch from second to final year were randomly chosen to participate in the the


Results: 120 medical students participated in the survey out of which 76.67% of students had adequate

awareness on artificial insemination. 85% of students knew the correct definition of AI while 86.74% were

able to correctly identify the techniques used for artificial insemination. Final years medical students had

more awareness on artificial insemination than their junior colleagues, and 2nd years medical students had

least awareness.Students have inadequate knowledge on the technical aspect of artifical insemination like

storage of semen (21%, n-25) and the time duration of sperm viability (54%, n-65) etc. Students also having

inadequate knowledge on the legal, social and psychological issues like donor selection, consent of the

spouse and the importance of understanding between the partners on artificial insemination.

Discussion: Most of the respondents knew about the basics of Artificial insemination with less awareness on

its technical aspect, legal and ethical implications. Medical education have been a good source of information

and the inclusion of Artificial Insemination as a form of infertility management in the curriculum of medical

students could help in increasing awareness among students.

Author Biography

Shifa Shahina Nijamudeen1 , Dekal V2

1 Shifa Shahina Nijamudeen IInd MBBS Student, Saveetha Medical College; 2Dekal V. Professor and HOD of

Forensic Medicine of Saveetha Medical College



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