Study of Pedestrian Injuries and Fatalities in Maharashtra Population


  • Mohammed Abdul Mateen



Injuries, Fatalities, Medico-legal, Hemorrhage, Fractures


Background- Pedestrians are the common road users India, with increasing traffic on road has lead to

injuries and fatalities. The incidences of fatalities are higher than drivers of four wheelers or motor cyclist.

Method- Out of 734 Injuries and 213 fatalities were recorded in medico-legal records. The causes, types of

injuries age group, causes of fatalities were also studied.

Results- The major age group was between 10-20 had 210(28.6%) followed by age group 61-70 had

142(19.3%). The major history of pedestrian were 210(28.6%) alcoholic, followed by 173(23.5%) were

busy in mobile speaking. The major fractures were 69(9.40%) fractions of sternum, 176(23.9%) fracture

of skull. 185(25.2%) intra-cranial hemorrhage. The major causes of fatalities were hemorrhage and shock

138(64.7%), followed by head injuries57(26.7%).

Author Biography

Mohammed Abdul Mateen

Associate Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology. Indian Institute of medical sciences and

Research (IIMS & R) Warudi, Badnapur (Tq) Jalna (dist) Maharashtra



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Mohammed Abdul Mateen. (2020). Study of Pedestrian Injuries and Fatalities in Maharashtra Population. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 14(3), 432-437.