Effect of Tactile Stimulation and Joint Integrity Exercises on Hemineglect in Stroke Survivors


  • Prajakta S.Kadam1 , Suraj B.Kanase2




Stroke, hemineglect, tactile stimulation, joint integrity exercises.


Background: Unilateral spatial neglect is likely to be associated with poor functional outcome in sub

acute phase. During this period, intensive rehabilitation is needed to obtain higher ADL scores. If greater

efficacy of rehabilitation can be brought about by early intervention for unilateral spatial neglect, patients

with unilateral neglect might achieve higher ADL goals.

Material and Method: In this pre-post intervention study 25 neglect patients were included with less than

six month of stroke.Tactile stimulations and joint integrity exercise protocol was set for four weeks. After

pre-post assessment, data was analysed with help of appropriate statistical methods.

Results: According to this study, there is increase in tactile stimulation (p=0.0023), kinaesthetic stimulation

(p<0.0001),stereognosis (p<0.0001) and motor outcome (p=0.0001). This indicates an overall increase in

sensory and motor outcome.

Conclusion: Tactile stimulation and joint integrity exercises appears to be beneficial for improving motor

outcome in hemineglect patients after stroke.

Author Biography

Prajakta S.Kadam1 , Suraj B.Kanase2

1Internee, 2Associate Professor, Krishna College of Physiotherapy, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Deemed

to be University, Karad, Maharashtra



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Prajakta S.Kadam1 , Suraj B.Kanase2. (2020). Effect of Tactile Stimulation and Joint Integrity Exercises on Hemineglect in Stroke Survivors. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 14(3), 544-549. https://doi.org/10.37506/ijfmt.v14i3.10422