Prevalence of Piriformis Tightness with Relevance of Sitting Duration in Bankers


  • Vaishnavi S Desai1 , S. Anand2



Demographic data, ergonomic risk factor, physical anthropometrics. piriformis stretch test, Piriformis tightness, precipitating factor, physical anthropometrics.


Objectives: Piriformis tightness is one of the potential cause of pain, discomfort and dysfunction in

community. However the ergonomic risk factors, pain (type, intensity, precipitating factors), physical

anthropometrics specific to piriformis tightness were unclear. Hence the attempt was made to find the data

and trends in piriformis tightness and it prevalence in bankers.

Methodology: Study was conducted by approaching 36 banks in Karad taluka. Total 260 subjects

(M:162;F:98) were included in the study who were assessed for there piriformis tightness by piriformis

stretch test. There demographic data, no. of working years, pain (type, intensity, precipitating factor), chair

height, chair width, cushion support were also documented.

Result: Prevalence of piriformis tightness in bankers was 51.92%. Out of 135(M:93; F:42) bankers having

tightness, 44 were having only right side involved, 22 were having left side involved and 69 were having

bilateral tightness. Prevalence was more in people with BMI between 25-29kg/m2 (pre-obese) and in fourth

decade of life

Conclusion: Out of 260 subjects 135(51.92%) bankers were having piriformis tightness. There is increasing

risk of getting piriformis tightness with increasing BMI, Age. There is not significant relation between

the chair height Chair weight and Cushion support on the chair and the piriformis tightness. There was

increasing pain in sitting position(after maintaining for long time) and is relieved by rest.

Author Biography

Vaishnavi S Desai1 , S. Anand2

1 Final year student, Faculty of Physiotherapy, KIMS “Deemed To Be University” Karad, Maharashtra, India, 2 HOD

and Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences, Faculty of Physiotherapy, KIMS ”Deemed To Be

University ” Karad, Maharashtra, India



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Vaishnavi S Desai1 , S. Anand2. (2020). Prevalence of Piriformis Tightness with Relevance of Sitting Duration in Bankers. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 14(3), 749-754.