Bipolar Disorder: A Major Setback in Substance Abuse


  • Jeetendra Kumar Gupta



Bipolar, Mania, Hypomania, Depression, Substance abuse.


Substance abuse refers to harmful or precarious use of psychoactive substances, including alcohol, cannabis

and illicit drugs. It is directly and indirectly responsible for millions of morbidities each year. It is a

crucial snag of present generation. Illegitimate use of psychoactive drugs can lead to lunatic illnesses. The

prevalence of psychotic disorders among patients with substance abuse has attended noticeable magnitude.

This study indicates that bipolar disorder is more likely to occur in patients with substance abuse. Chronic

substance abuse can lead to down-regulation of concerned receptors as well as erosion of gray matter in the

prefrontal cortex of brain. Hence, it would be imperative to address bipolar disorder from the perspective of

potential and progressive adverse effect of substance abuse. The observation of study indicates that bipolar

disorder is more prevalent in cannabis, alcohol and cocaine abuse cases. Drug abuse disorders are associated

with impaired outcome of manic depression maladies that brings severe high or low moods, thinking and


Author Biography

Jeetendra Kumar Gupta

Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, GLA University Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India



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Jeetendra Kumar Gupta. (2020). Bipolar Disorder: A Major Setback in Substance Abuse. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 14(3), 844-848.