Islamic Ethical Value of Customary Basis of Marriage Proposal Application in Indonesia


  • Edy Sismarwoto



charity, ethical approach, Islamic teachings, marriage.


This community legal observance in the field of Islamic marriage is based on the concept of good deeds

which can be said to be deontologically valid. The approach is based on deon/obligations arising from

the principles of Islamic life. This research method is an empirical method that looks at social reality and

is carried out with an ethical approach to understanding the meaning of deeds in the marriage process.

Philosophical analysis is used to analyze values in the conduct of the marriage process of Islamic societies

in Indonesia. The results showed that in Indonesian Islamic society, marriage and marriage registration

had become a community culture that had a philosophical value of worship. This happens because there

is enculturation in the form of symbols of Islamic teachings that make it easier for people to recognize the

value of an action. Proposal and registration of marriage has become the culture of the Islamic community

with the symbol of halal and worship in marriage. Thus the community’s obedience to Islamic law and state

law is not coercion carried out by state power, but is the legal culture of Islamic society.

Author Biography

Edy Sismarwoto

Lecturer at Faculty of Law, Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang, Indonesia



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