Role of Ayurveda in the Era of COVID-19


  • Anukriti Awasthi1 , Swarupa Chakole2



Janapadodwasma (Covid19), ayurveda, herbs, dincharya and ritucharya in covid19.


Summary: Currently, we can see, covid19 is quite a concern because of its mortality and even morbidity
rate. Since no cure is present till date it’s more important for people to take basic care to increase their
immunity. One modality for prevention of such diseases can be through AYURVEDA, which has different
therapies and medicines to deal with diseases as well as measures to take basic care and to boost immunity
of individuals. AYUSH helps with those basic methods in one’s life .This article discusses the necessity of
ayurveda in order to cure this type of air born diseases. Ayurveda mainly emphasizes on body response to
any cure as well as role of chakra healing in covid19. Susruta helps find chakras in our body and chakra
helps to communicate with different diseases via factors like air, water, earth, fire etc. Ayurveda is the oldest
cure and best way to connect body with mind and soul. It brings you more near to nature and helps you calm
yourself in different situations. It also molds your perspective and the way we see things.
Conclusion: Lifestyle adaptation with proper dincharya and ritucharya is quite effective to ensure healthy
living and protect ourselves by building our immunity. Ayurveda acts as an immunity booster and effective
in combating infectious diseases.

Author Biography

Anukriti Awasthi1 , Swarupa Chakole2

Medical Intern, 2Professor, Department of Community Medicine, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Datta Meghe
Institute Of Medical Science (Deemed University), Sawangi (Meghe), Wardha, Maharashtra, India



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