Efficacy of Manual and Digital Contact tracing of COVID-19


  • Shradha Agrawal (Medical Intern)




Contact Tracing , Covid-19 , Infodemic, Primary Tracing, Secondary Tracing, High Risk


Background: The unprecedented situation unfolded by the COVID-19 pandemic needs tools and measures
of varying degrees. Contact tracing is one of them. Contact tracing has become buzz word these days. Along
with non- pharmacological interventions (NPI) this is one of the major tools employed by the local health
care authorities.
Summary: The contact tracing measure is major part of the response against COVID-19 pandemic.
Methods of contact tracing and its efficient way to carry them out needs to be studied. The efficacy of the
contact tracing mechanism needs strong backing of empirical data upon which research is ongoing. Further
combining the manual and digital contact tracing is the option authorities needs to check out. Health care
human resource crunch can be addressed by creating civilian vigilantes to inform the health authorities about
the possible suspected case. In case of digital tracing the data minimization and anonymizing the data in
which there is no name attached with the particular data can used so that doubts about data privacy should
get vanished. Balancing between controlling case fatality rate and infection rate with the help of proper and
adequate resourceful data is the key to effectively control the spread along with easing of restriction and step
towards normalization of lives.
Conclusion: More thorough study is needed with numerical data backing to establish the efficacy and the
relation between controlling the case count and contact tracing.

Author Biography

Shradha Agrawal (Medical Intern)

Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences, Wardha,
Sawangi(M),Maharashtra, India.



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