Analysis of Posture Using Posture Screening Mobile Application among Collegiates


  • S.F. Mariyam Farzana1 , Pooja2



BACKGROUND: A posture is a position of the body which is maintained by the balanced muscular forces
on the skeletal system. The posture is affected by the imbalance between the muscle force and also by
reduction or increase in the muscle length. OBJECTIVE: To analyze the posture using posture screening
mobile application among collegiates. METHODOLOGY: It is a non-experimental, observational study,
sample size 200 subjects both genders between 19 to 23 years, more than 18.5 to 25 ratios of BMI were
conveniently included in the study. The exclusion criteria was any congenital or acquired musculoskeletal
problems and recent surgeries fractures and injuries. METHOD: A written informed consent was taken
from the subjects. The posture assessment was taken using posture screening mobile application and was
documented. RESULTS: The result shows the percentage of abnormal posture deviation among normal
BMI collegiates. CONCLUSION: The study concluded that the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders
among young individuals with normal BMI is one of the challenging issues among health care professionals.

Author Biography

S.F. Mariyam Farzana1 , Pooja2

1Assistant Professor, 2 Student, SRM College of Physiotherapy, SRM Institue of Science and Technology,
Kattankulathur Chennai 603 203 ,Tamilnadu, India



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S.F. Mariyam Farzana1 , Pooja2. (2020). Analysis of Posture Using Posture Screening Mobile Application among Collegiates. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(1), 597-602.