Correlation of PTEN Losses by Immunohistochemistry and Fish in Prostate Adenocarcinoma


  • Batool Jameel Jubair1 , Sazan Abdulwahab Mirza Al-Atroshi2



PTEN (FISH), PTEN (IHC), Prostate adenocarcinoma, immunohistochemistry


Background: Prostate cancer (PC) is the largest and most unusual site of robust neoplasm in Europe,
accounting for 22.8% of all newly diagnosed cancers in men. An increase in the prevalence of pentachloro
anisole has been observed in most countries. This may be explained by the massive use of prostate unique
antigen (PSA) in the early detection of PCa in the early stages. Objective: Detection of PTEN loss by IHC
and FISH technique and compare between the two methods and correlate with Gleason grading system.
Patients and method: A retrospective sample study was performed. From January 2014 - Joe. 2019. This
study included 120 cases of prostate cancer from Baghdad and Duhok, with different age groups. Fixed
formalin paraffin biopsy for prostatectomy in cases obtained from the Archives of Pathology Laboratories in
Baghdad” (Shahid Ghazi Hariri Training Hospital and Laboratories).
Results: PTEN (FISH) detected the gene in 29 case and confirmed by PTEN (IHC) expression results,
underestimation occurred in five case detected by PTEN (IHC). Concerning PTEN (IHC), it detected the gene
in 34 case. Percentage of cases showing negative staining for PTEN protein in high grade was higher than
cases showing positive protein expression (good correlation with new grading group). IHC to detect PTEN
protein levels is an interesting alternative to knowledge of the FISH PTEN gene loss and as a prognostic
biomarker. There was significant association between PTEN gene expression and age. PTEN (IHC) showed
negative results in 65.3% of case; while loss was shown in 58.2% of s by PTEN (FISH).
Conclusion: The important result in this study was a substantial agreement between the expression results
of PTEN (FISH) and PTEN (IHC).

Author Biography

Batool Jameel Jubair1 , Sazan Abdulwahab Mirza Al-Atroshi2

Assistant lecturer, M.B.CH. B/MSc. (PATH), Collage of Medicine/ University of Baghdad,
Assistant professor, M.B.CH. B / F.I.C.M.S (PATH), Collage of Medicine/Al-Anbar University



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Batool Jameel Jubair1 , Sazan Abdulwahab Mirza Al-Atroshi2. (2020). Correlation of PTEN Losses by Immunohistochemistry and Fish in Prostate Adenocarcinoma. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(1), 879-886.

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