The Extent of the Need for Teaching Forensic Sciences for Law Students in Jordanian Universities


  • Hamzeh Abu Issa1, Ma’en Juwaihan2



Forensic sciences, Education, Justice, Law study


This article examines the actual need for teaching forensic sciences to Bachelor of Law students in Jordanian
universities, where the research extrapolated the study plans for the specialization of law in the faculties
of law in Jordanian universities, which amount to 20 faculties, to know the faculties that teach forensic
sciences. It was found that only one faculty offered forensic sciences as an elective requirement, and that
13 faculties included among their study plans the course of forensic medicine as an elective requirement.
Also, a questionnaire was designed and distributed to a random sample of 120 lawyers in Jordan. The
questionnaire contained 9 multiple-choice questions, the most important results are that only 39% of the
sample studied one of forensic sciences subjects at the bachelor’s level, and 36% of them know the work of
forensic experts, and 92% support that the forensic sciences to be as a compulsory requirement course for
law students.
The article discussed the results of the questionnaire in a scientific discussion and concluded the necessity
to design a subject specialized in forensic sciences for students of law, provided that it is a compulsory
requirement because of its great importance in the work.

Author Biography

Hamzeh Abu Issa1, Ma’en Juwaihan2

Assistant Professor of Criminal Law, and Dean of faculty of law at Applied Science Private University, Al Arab st.
21-Amman –Jordan, 2
Faculty of Law/ Petra University/ Jordan



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Hamzeh Abu Issa1, Ma’en Juwaihan2. (2020). The Extent of the Need for Teaching Forensic Sciences for Law Students in Jordanian Universities. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(1), 1097-1100.