Nasal Polyps :An Etiological Analysis


  • Magda Abd El-latif1 . Sayed Kadah2 , Ahmed Yehia3



nasal polyps,histopatholgy, inverted papilloma.


Nasal polyps,the prolapsed linings of nasal mucosa are one of the commonly encountered conditions in the
outpatient department of otolaryngology, The aim of this study is to study the etiology of nasal polyps and
also to compare between the different methods used for diagnosis of nasal polyps.
This study was submitted prospectively on 100 patients diagnosed with nasal polyps (diagnosed either
clinically or radiologically) with evidence of nasal obstruction,rhinorrhae and headache. from April 2015
till April 2017. All patients had been selected from the outpatient clinics of Al-Zahraa University Hospital
and Kobry El Koppa military hospital. The study was approved by the ethics committee of Al Azhar Faculty
of Medicine.
A total of 100 patients were analyzed, age range 18 to 56 yrs with a mean age of 38.5 yrs. There were 83 male
and 17 female. The main presenting symptoms are nasal obstruction and rhinorrhea. Most of the cases was
bilateral nasal polyps,. The commonest clinical diagnoses were non-neoplastic simple nasal polyps 84% and
about 13% were benign neoplastic, 3% were malignant . The commonest histological diagnosis among nonneoplastic nasal polyps was simple allergic nasal polyp, among benign neoplastic was inverted papilloma
.most of neoplastic lesions were presented by unilateral nasal polyps,where epistaxis was noticed mostly
with vascular tumour and malignant ones. The results show that most of nasal polyps were simple nonneoplastic lesions especailly bilateral ones,also for proper evaluation of nasal polyps clinical, radiological
and histopathological evaluation should be done in all patients.

Author Biography

Magda Abd El-latif1 . Sayed Kadah2 , Ahmed Yehia3

Professor, ENT Department, Al-Azhar university, Cairo, Egypt, 2Assistant Lecturer, ENT department, Armed
Forces College of Medicine



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Magda Abd El-latif1 . Sayed Kadah2 , Ahmed Yehia3. (2020). Nasal Polyps :An Etiological Analysis. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(1), 1231-1237.