Guidelines for Maintaining Physical Fitness During COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Sakina S. Saifee1 , Angela Kapoor1



Covid-19; Inactivity ; Pandemic; Physical activity; Quarantine; Sedentary lifestyle


The ongoing corona virus outbreak (COVID-19) has turn into pandemic, by rapidly spreading and infecting
all over the world. It left no other choice than implementing the lockdown all over the country. This lockdown
has lead to the development of sedentary lifestyle among the people leaving them with inactivity, anxiety,
depression and with an elevated chance of a potential aggravation of the health problems. Therefore, not just
modifying people’s lifestyles during quarantine and keeping an active lifestyle at home, it is very necessary
for the overall population’s safety, but particularly for those with additional risk factors and the elderly to
conduct daily physical indoor activities and exercises. The data was collected from the electronic databases.
The review includes the quarantine population of all age group and gender. After reviewing the articles
it was concluded that the multi-component full-body programs should be carried out by the population,
including aerobic, strengthening, balancing and stretching exercises by modifying and utilizing both the
space and material available. Doing physical exercise will help us to stay active during quarantine period so
that after the end of the crisis we will be able to resume our work without lethargy.

Author Biography

Sakina S. Saifee1 , Angela Kapoor1

1Assistant Professor, 2Assistant Professor, Department of Cardio-pulmonary Physiotherapy, Ravi Nair
Physiotherapy College, Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences, Sawangi(M) Wardha, Maharashtra, India



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Sakina S. Saifee1 , Angela Kapoor1. (2020). Guidelines for Maintaining Physical Fitness During COVID-19 Pandemic. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(1), 1495-1498.