Gene Expression and Serum IL-23 in Asthmatic Iraqi Children


  • Zahraa Tahsen Abdulkareem1 , Basima Q. Hasan AL-Saadi2



Asthma Childhood, IL-23, qRT-PCR


Asthma is a non-communicable inflammatory airway disorder in which patients present with recurring bouts
of breathlessness and wheezing. IL-23 is a proinflammatory cytokine its biological functions have been
well known for the capability to enhance Th17 cell functions. Current study aimed to estimate the gene
expression and serum level of IL-23 and to investigate whether IL-23 plays pivotal roles in the development
of asthma in asthmatic Iraqi childhood . This study was conducted on two groups: seventy five asthma
patients (27 female and 48 male) and twenty five apparently healthy as a control group (10female and 15
male).The age of the samples ranged from (1-10) years old. Recruited from admitting the Central Teaching
Hospital Pediatrics and Alzahra’a Center for Asthma Allergy in Baghdad during the period extended from
October /2019 to last February/2020. Subject information’s were collected using a specific questionnaire
form as a descriptive study; on the other hand, the present study was approved by the council of institute
of genetic engineering and biotechnology for post graduate studies / University of Baghdad. The RNA was
extracted from the blood sample of asthma patients and apparently healthy subjects by using TransZol Up
Plus RNA Kit (blood) .The acceptable purity of RNA in asthmatic patient is range between 1.84-1.99 and for
apparently healthy group is range between 1.84-1.96.mRANA expression were determined by real time PCR
assay and detect the concentration of IL-23 using ELISA technique. For IL-23 gene expression that showed
the Ct of asthma patient group (22.82) and control group (23.33) and the 2-??Ct of asthma patient group
(5.35) and control group (3.70) and the fold of gene expression was statistically significantly (P?0.05).
in the asthmatic group than healthy non asthmatic group that show in ratio (1.44: 1.00) . Human IL23concentration was estimated by ELISA, the results were statistically significant (P?0.002), the level of
IL-23 in asthma patient group (451.80 ± 91.80pg/ml) while the level of IL-23 in Control group(182.36 ±
58.21 pg/ml) as well as increase concentration of IL-23 in severe asthma patients than mild form asthma
726.91 ± 142.98 and 133.72 ± 79.56 respectively.

Author Biography

Zahraa Tahsen Abdulkareem1 , Basima Q. Hasan AL-Saadi2

1Analytics Technologist, 2
Assist. Prof. Institute of Genetic Engineering And Biotevchnology for Post Graduate
Studies / Uni . of Baghdad



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Zahraa Tahsen Abdulkareem1 , Basima Q. Hasan AL-Saadi2. (2020). Gene Expression and Serum IL-23 in Asthmatic Iraqi Children. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(1), 1686-1693.