Histological and Morphological Study of Carcinoma Breast of Women


  • Aaya Hamid Al-Hakeem1 , Marwa Ahmed Meri1




Breast carcinoma; breast neoplasms; cancer measurement; cancer staging


Previous studies have referred that the breast cancer, with particular histological traits, can be affected by
the reproductive factors. In the current study, we employed 30 breast cancer cases for women in age (15-55
years) to study how factors such as microscopic screening, gross examination, as well as the age, can impact
on histological type and grade of tumor. After the organ eradication from the patients, the tissue samples
were picked, as fast as possible, and placed in 10% formalin directly. In such a way, we maintained the
cells and cellular components in a situation that can be described as similar as possible to the living cells
and preserved the antigenicity in order to be processed without any modification. Samples were divided
depending on various factors, such as anatomical location, the nodal status, and tumor relationship to
surgical margin, weight, size, and age. Each sample was sectioned and fixed onto a private embedding
cassette to keep the tissue treatment. The histochemical stains, which is include the eosin and hematoxylin,
had utilized to afford a disparity to tissue sections. We found that the majority of the 30 women with breast
cancer were at age (31-40 years) and that 12 patients of them were involved left breast, while the other 18
patients included right breast. In agreement with previous studies that have investigated the level of risk
of histological subgroups, our study concludes that the link between breast cancer risks and reproductive
factors is vary depending on the histological structure of the tumor.

Author Biography

Aaya Hamid Al-Hakeem1 , Marwa Ahmed Meri1

Assist. Lect., Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques, Faculty of Medical and Health Techniques,
University of AlKafeel, Najaf, Iraq



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Aaya Hamid Al-Hakeem1 , Marwa Ahmed Meri1. (2020). Histological and Morphological Study of Carcinoma Breast of Women. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(1), 2210-2215. https://doi.org/10.37506/ijfmt.v15i1.13732