Correlation Between Serum Ferritin And Liver Function in Thalassemia Patients


  • Zainab Qasim Muhammad Al-Yasiri



thalassemia, ferritin, liver


Thalassemia ,is one of the most important hemolytic genetic, diseases that break down red blood cells,
Children with thalassemia cannot produce. enough hemoglobin because; the bone marrow cannot produce
enough red blood cells to meet their needs and the red blood cells produced ,by them are almost devoid of
hemoglobin, and the disease is divided into alpha, and Beta thalassemia.
The current study was designed with the aim of .investigating the relationship between serum ferritin and
hepatic enzymes in thalassemia. patients, iron is stored primarily in the form of ,ferritin in liver cells. The
study included 60 patients with thalassemia in; Dhi Qar governorate, distributed between. the two gender
during the, research period, their ages ranged between (2 -26) years old, blood samples were taken in order
to testing of. hemoglobin, ferritin, and liver enzymes (ATP, GOT, GPT) , and the same, tests were performed
on healthy people 40 person ;as they are a control group.
The results recorded; a high percentage of ,thalassemia incidence in males and a decrease in females. The
study also showed; that the incidence of thalassemia reached its peak in the age. group (2-6) years and
decreased with age, as it reached its lowest levels in the age, group (22-26) years.
The study revealed .a significant decrease (0.05> P) in hemoglobin concentration in thalassemia, patients
compared with the ;control group, and the results recorded a significant; increase (0.05 P <) in the
concentration of ferritin in thalassemia, patients compared with the control group.
The current study; also showed a significant increase (P <0.05) in GPT enzyme concentration in thalassemia.
patients compared with the control group. There was a significant increase (P <0.05) of GOT enzyme;
concentration in patients compared to the ,control group.
The results indicated. that there was a significant increase (P <0.05) in the concentration of the ALP enzyme
in the patients. compared with the control group.

Author Biography

Zainab Qasim Muhammad Al-Yasiri

Assistant Lect., Biology Department / College of Education for Girls / Dhi Qar University / Iraq



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