Assessment of Mothers' Knowledge about Febrile Convulsions of Children at Ibn- Albalady Hospital in Baghdad City


  • Ali Obaed Shneshil



Mothers' Knowledge, Febrile Convulsions, Children


Background: In terms of occurrence, about of children in the age group of one to five years have at least
one episode of febrile convulsion. These, have recurrent seizures and many get admitted to the hospital.
Aims: This study was conducted to assess the level of mother's knowledge about Febrile Convulsions
Methodology: A descriptive study design has been conducted with pediatric emergency unit at the IbnAlbalady Hospital in Baghdad City during the period from the 3rd March 2020 up to the 13th 2020. A
purposive non probability sample of (100) mother were selected from emergency pediatric unit. Out of the
women questioned, febrile convulsion was reported by 100 mothers. Table (2) summarizes that the mothers
knowledge items concerning child with febrile convulsion. In general, their knowledge were poor to fair
in all items, and they are accounted for 2(18.1%), 9(81.9%) respectively, and overall mothers knowledge
about febrile convulsion were fair. The results illustrate that (48%) of the study sample represent fair
knowledge, (39%) were having poor information and (13%) were having good information about child
with febrile convulsion at emergency ward of Ibn- Albalady hospital. The data were collected by using
constructed questionnaire, which consisted of 11 items self-administrated method used and filled by using
the questionnaire. Been described of data analyzed through using of two statistical approaches. Descriptive
statistical analysis and inferential statistical analysis.
Results: The study results revealed that (48%) of the mothers under study were having fair knowledge.
Mothers' knowledge regarding febrile seizures was non-significantly associated with positive history of
febrile seizures, urban residence, higher parental education, and working mothers.
Conclusions: Generally, mothers’ knowledge regarding their children with febrile convulsions was poor to

Author Biography

Ali Obaed Shneshil

Lecturer, Pediatric Nursing Unit, College of Nursing, Al-Bayan University, Baghdad / Iraq



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Ali Obaed Shneshil. (2020). Assessment of Mothers’ Knowledge about Febrile Convulsions of Children at Ibn- Albalady Hospital in Baghdad City. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(1), 2465-2470.