Complications of Kalazar among Children in Hilla-city


  • Ibtesam Khalid Kamil



Complications, Kalazar, Children, Hilla-city


Objective: This study aimed to detect the types of complications of children suffering from kalazar; also to
identify the reason of these complications.
Methodology: A descriptive study carried out from Feb15th to June 15th of the academic year 2017. The
sample consisted (109) children from general maternal and children hospital in Hilla/Babylon. The study
designed and data was collected using structural questionnaire which was prepared by consulting panel
research expertise, also by assessment approach and interview was done with parents of children. The
collected data were analyzed through descriptive statistics by frecuency and percentage.
Results: The results of the present study indicated that most of the children age were (13-18) yrs.(40.4%);
male gender more involved (67%) and (27%) were from Mesaib city. The education level of parents were
within secondary school, mothers (52%) fathers (43%). The income of affected children families involved
in the study were (51%) poor, which isn’t enough to maintain healthy well being status and medical
requirements. Complications revealed that children suffers from bleeding tendancy (13.5%) sever animea
were (20%) hepato spleenomegaly were (14.0%) , finally death occurs because of septicemia (37%).
Conclusion: Complications accurs because of poor and inappropriate medical diagnosis, also infective
medical treatment during hospitalization and lake of medical follow up to children suffering from kalazar by
the health team after hospital discharge.

Author Biography

Ibtesam Khalid Kamil

Assistant Prof., Al-Bayan University, College of Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Iraq



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