tudying the Relationship between the Lund Mackay Score and Response to Medical Treatment in Patients with Chronic Sinusitis


  • Gholam-Ali Dashti Khavidaki1 , Reza Gharibi1




Chronic Sinusitis, the Lund Mackay Score, Medical Treatment


The present study was conducted to investigate the relationship between the Lund Mackay score and
response to medical treatment in patients with chronic sinusitis. The present study was performed crosssectionally on 150 patients referred to Khatam-ul-Anbia Hospital in Zahedan for whom the diagnosis of
chronic sinusitis was confirmed and met the study criteria. Demographic data and clinical signs of patients
were recorded and for based on CT scan, The Lund Mackay score was evaluated. Patients were treated for 4
to 6 weeks and finally re-evaluated for symptoms and response to treatment. Data were analyzed using SPSS
software version 24, McNemar test, Mann-Whitney and other necessary tests for descriptive statistics. A
significance level of 0.05 was considered. 3.55% of patients were male (83 patients) and 7.44% were female
(67 patients). The mean score of the Lund Mackay in the present study was 92.11 with a standard deviation
of 2.3. Symptoms of olfactory dysfunction, sinus pain, nasal obstruction and nasal discharge showed
significant improvement after treatment (p <05.0). Based on the results obtained at the end of the study, the
presence of nasal polyps (p = 001.0) and nasal obstruction (p = 003.0), after the end of the treatment period,
showed a significant relationship with the response to treatment. In general, this study suggested that the
mean score of The Lund Mackay had a significant positive relationship with the severity of patients’ clinical
symptoms and the severity of sinusitis. Therefore, it can be considered as a suitable criterion in diagnostic
and therapeutic evaluations of patients.

Author Biography

Gholam-Ali Dashti Khavidaki1 , Reza Gharibi1

Associate Professor, Department of ENT Disorder, AL-Zahra Hospital, Zahedan University of Medical Sciences,
Zahedan, Iran



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Gholam-Ali Dashti Khavidaki1 , Reza Gharibi1. (2020). tudying the Relationship between the Lund Mackay Score and Response to Medical Treatment in Patients with Chronic Sinusitis. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(1), 2666-2673. https://doi.org/10.37506/ijfmt.v15i1.13801