Study Genotoxicity of Ciprofloxacin in white rats


  • Mustafa Ahmed Shihab1, WAJDI Sabeeh Sadek1


Ciprofloxacin, Comet Assay, Micronucleus


The genotoxic and cytotoxic effects of ciprofloxacin drug on the bone marrow of white male rats were assessed by the Micronucleus test (MN) in polychromatic Erythrocytes (PCEs). The DNA damage was assessed by the Comet assay technique in bone marrow, liver and spleen. The white male rats were administered by oral gavage of single doses (93.5), (187) of body weight with twice a day for 7 consecutive days, while the negative control group was administered distilled water. The results showed a significant increase in the number of micronuclei corresponding to the duration of exposure., there was a change in the percentage of immature erythrocytes in bone marrow. This increased with an increase in treatment duration. As for the number of immature erythrocytes containing micronuclei, there was a significant increase corresponding to the treatment duration. When using the comet assay technique, the values of DNA damage increased in a dose-related manner.

Author Biography

Mustafa Ahmed Shihab1, WAJDI Sabeeh Sadek1

1Biology department, College of Science, Tikirit University, Tikrit, Iraq



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