The Attitudes of Iraqi Lecturers towards E-Learning


  • Alaa Khalaf Awad
  • Fadhel Farhan Kadhum Al-Bahadli



Attitudes, Iraqi, lecturers, Electronic, learning.


Background: E-Learning activated in Iraq after Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Iraqi lecturers suffered from
the electronic infrastructure of learning .
Aim: to note the views of Iraqi lecturers towards e-Learning. Did they approve of E-learning? What are the
principal conflicts of E-examinations?
Methods: This descriptive, observational, prospective study. It involved 78 haphazardly collected Iraqi
lecturers from various colleges and institutes of Al- Anbar. The data gathered by a combination of learners
from the higher health institute of Al-Anbar. The research began from 1st February 2021 to 1st March 2021.
The survey form about the lecturers’ views towards E-learning by implementing three points agreement
Likert scale. Microsoft Excel software used for data analysis. The institute gave the Ethical permission. The
dismissed lecturers were those who did not reply.
Results: There were seventy-eight lecturers, aged (25-55) years old. Thirty-three females (43 %) and 45
(57 %) males lecturers. Forty-eight (61.5 %) lecturers had two modules. Forty-nine (62.6 %) lecturers had
more than 100 students per a lecturer. Sixty-four (82.2 %) lecturers dislike E-learning. Fifty-five (70.7 %)
lecturers did not support E-learning nor E-written examinations.

Author Biographies

Alaa Khalaf Awad

Ph.D., Dr., Community Health Nursing / Higher Health institutes, Alanbar

Fadhel Farhan Kadhum Al-Bahadli

Ph.D., Dr., Community Health Nursing / Ministry of Health



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Alaa Khalaf Awad, & Fadhel Farhan Kadhum Al-Bahadli. (2021). The Attitudes of Iraqi Lecturers towards E-Learning. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(4), 3045-3053.