Forensic Examinations and Therapeutic Agreement in Indonesia


  • Osgar Sahim Matompo


Quality, Legal Protection, Doctors, Patients, Therapeutic, Agreement


This research describes the type of legal protection for doctors and patients in forensic examinations. The therapeutic agreement is an agreement between doctors and patients which gives doctors the power to give forensic examination services. In the legal aspect of the therapeutical agreement, there appears the rights and responsibilities of each party. This means that both patients and practitioners have their own rights and responsibilities. The method used in this research is the doctrinal method with deductive and inductive approaches. Meanwhile, before the forensic examinations, the doctor needs therapeutical agreements to fulfill rights and responsibilities. Without this agreement, the doctor’s work may not reach a maximum positive effect. Thus, there must be a balance. The doctors need the therapeutic agreement to fulfill their responsibilities in the forensic examinations.

Author Biography

Osgar Sahim Matompo

Associate Professor, Muhammadiyah University of Palu



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