Risk Factors Related To Mastalgia


  • Suhad Kahdum Ali




Mastalgia · Surveys · Mammography. US findings. Pain · Surgery


Background: Breast pain becomes more complicated in many humans. Various hospitals are planning for surgery in the initial stages. The main aim of this paper to find the various factors which cause mastalgia, this is mainly causing the abnormal conditions of the breast. Method : The experiments conducted on 400 patients and this is collected from various surveys, for patients older than the age of 40 the mammography and ultrasonography (US). Results : The mean age was 44.23 ± 9.23 years. This group consists of 300 cases, the asymptomatic group consists of 100 persons. Due to the various reasons that are related to mastalgia (p < 0.05). These are based on their breastfeeding to the child. If it is more than 4 times or more were higher in the mastalgia group (p < 0.04). The breast imaging-reporting and data system (BI-RADS 2) mammography results were associated with mastalgia (p < 0.05). These two are more common in the mastalgia group (p < 0.05) that is Fibro cysts and fibro adenomas. Based on the previous history the malignant breast disease was simultaneously higher in the mastalgia group (p < 0.05). Conclusions : Life stress, high caffeine consumption, smoking, lactation frequency, and benign disorders were factors identified to be related with mastalgia. Though a significant relation between mastalgia and malignant breast disease was detected in our study, more studies are still necessary to investigate this relationship.

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Suhad Kahdum Ali

Professor, Hammurabi Medical College, University of Babylon



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