Identifying the Correlation between the Incidence of Breast Cancer and Hepatitis B Virus of Iraqi Women


  • Minen Al-Kafajy



breast cancer, progesterone, estrogen, HBV, smoking


Objective: Women are half of the Iraqi community and their health should be priority to the country. Breast cancer Occurs is increasingly rising in Iraq due to so many problems that the country has suffered. Several privious studies have studied breast cancer; however, none of them has explore the presence of HBV and the basic molecular mechanism are generally obscure and research studies are not enough and disintegrated. Method: Therefore, this study are focusing on discovering a novel technique to detect breast cancer as early as possible to kept women lives. Advancement in routine breast cancer risk assessment will prevent chemotherapy uptake in women. subsequently , the women with or without breast tumor have expose to plasma assay to reveal HBV, Estrogen, Progesterone, complete blood count .The women test are divided into many classes of such as age , smoke and non-smoke to test their ability to detoxify carcinogenic aromatic amines in cigarette smoke. Result: 64% of the malignant women were smoker while 36% were none smoker. 45±12 years is the most vulnerable age to get cancer. HBsAg were demonstrated in 10% of the all malignant ladies, while antiHBs Ag have detected in only 5 % of the total number. ,complete blood counts and hormonal levels were dysregulated in the breast cancer patients. Conclusion: The hormones are negatively correlated with the presence of cancer, HBV have detected in several samples but the no significant correlation. Smoking is the most factor significantly associated with breast tumor . For all these reasons .Iraqi government strongly argue to make smoking cigarettes prohibited in public areas.

Author Biography

Minen Al-Kafajy

Lecturer/ Department of Pathological Laboratory Analysis, University of Sumer, Thi-qar, Iraq



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Minen Al-Kafajy. (2020). Identifying the Correlation between the Incidence of Breast Cancer and Hepatitis B Virus of Iraqi Women. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 14(2), 2250-2255.