Harmonic Scalpel Vs Conventional Cautery Use In Hemorrhoidectomy


  • Khalid K. Hussein


Harmonic scalpel, Electrocautery, Haemorrhoids, Bleeding, Collateral thermal damage


Introduction: The evidence-based literature emphasizes the requirement of prioritizing harmonic scalpel haemorrhoidectomy over the conventional surgical interventions in the context of minimizing the intra-operative and post-operative complications in the treated patients.
Aim: The presented research study evaluated the significance of the harmonic scalpel (HS) as compared to the conventional electrocautery in the context of facilitating safe and effective haemorrhoidectomy in the selected patients. The study question focusses on analysing the potential of HS haemorrhoidectomy in terms of minimizing the post-operative complications in the patients affected with grade III and IV hemorrhoids. The study hypothesized beneficial treatment outcomes of HS haemorrhoidectomy as compared to the conventional electrocautery-based haemorrhoidectomy.
Methodology: The prospective cohort study shortlisted 20 candidates for HS and electrocautery-based haemorrhoidectomies. Initial 10 patients underwent the conventional haemorrhoidectomy; however, the other 10 received HS haemorrhoidectomy.
Result: The research findings categorically revealed limited post-operative pain and bleeding in the harmonic scalpel group as compared to the conventional electrocautery group. HS haemorrhoidectomy substantially reduced the extent of collateral thermal damage in the treated patients.
Conclusion: The study findings affirmed the effectiveness of HS haemorrhoidectomy over traditional intervention in terms of minimizing postoperative complications including bleeding, pain, urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, anal stricture, and anal abscess.

Author Biography

Khalid K. Hussein

General surgeon, clinical lecturer, Department of surgery, Tikrit university college of medicine,
Salah Aldin, Tikrit, Iraq



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