The Efficacy of Three Different File Systems in Removal of Root Filling Residue that Remains in Oval Root Canal after The Use of Protaper Retreatment Files: An In-Vitro Cone Beam Computed Tomography Study


  • Satish Sane1, Sharad Kokate2, Ajinkya Pawar3



Gutta- percha removal, Root canal retreatment, Rotary, Reciprocating, XP Endofinisher R file,


Aims: To evaluate the efficacy of supplementary file system in removal of gutta-percha and sealer from root
canal system.
Methods and Material: Forty five oval single rooted mandibular premolars were prepared upto size
F2(Dentsply Protaper)and obturated with Guttapercha and sealer and randomly divided in group I, Group
II and group III (n=15). Each group were retreated with Protaper Retreatment files and then additionally
retreated with Supplementary files, XP EndoFinisher R file, Protaper F3 And F4 and Wave One Large
respectively. The Cone Beam Computed Tomographic Scans(CBCT) were taken after Obturation, during
First stage retreatment and Second stage retreatment to compare volume of root filling residue that remained
after different stages of retreatment.
Statistical analysis used: ANOVA and Tukeys Multiple comparision test were used to compare the data
Results: Group I exhibited least root canal residue (p<0.01) as compared to Group II and Group III that were
Statistically similar (P>0.05)
Conclusions: The Protaper retreatment files, coupled with XP Endofinisher R file, results in better removal
of the root canal fillings.

Author Biography

Satish Sane1, Sharad Kokate2, Ajinkya Pawar3

1 Senior Lecturer Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, Dr. G D Pol Foundations YMT
Dental College and Hospital, Navi Mumbai, 3Assistant Professor , Department of Conservative Dentistry and
Endodontics, Nair Hospital and Dental College