Effect of Education Intervention on Knowledge and Practice on Sskin Care Bundle Pressure Ulcer Prevention


  • Jasmine James1 , Remya P Abraham2




structured teaching programme, knowledge , practice , elderly patients , care givers , SSKIN Care bundle pressure ulcer prevention


The present study assessed the effect of educational intervention on knowledge and practice of caregivers
regarding prevention of pressure ulcer among elderly patients admitted in the selected Hospital Thiruvalla.
The objectives were to determine the effect of STP regarding prevention of pressure ulcer among care givers
of elderly patients by comparing the pre test and post test knowledge and practice scores with selected socio
demographic variables. The study was conducted using the pre experimental one group pre test and post
test design . The conceptual frame work was based on Roy’s adaptation model . The investigator selected
40 samples by convenient sampling . During the pre test investigator assessed the knowledge and practice
on prevention of pressure ulcer . The same day itself , the investigator administered STP , After seven days
,post test was conducted using same tool . During the pre test 5% had poor knowledge , 60% of the samples
had average knowledge and 35 % had good knowledge . After the STP 90 % of the samples attained good
knowledge and 10 % achieved average knowledge . Paired ‘t’ test was done and it was found that there is
significant improvement in knowledge and practice (t=20.641,t=17.588} . The study concluded that STP
is one of the effective teaching method to educate caregivers regarding SSKIN care bundle pressure ulcer

Author Biography

Jasmine James1 , Remya P Abraham2

Associate Professor, TMM College of Nursing , Thiruvalla, 2
Staff Nurse,United States