Effects of Oral Care Protocol & Practices of Nurses on Oral Assessment Scores in the Ventilated Patients


  • M Sai Ram1 , Jobby John2 , Claudia Thomas3




Oral Care, Ventilated Patients, Medical ICU & BOAS.


Purpose: The project aimed to examine the effects of an existing oral care protocol & practices of nurses on
oral assessment scores in ventilated patients.
Materials and Methods: Clinical data were collected during intensive care admission after 3 days of
implementing an existing oral care protocol in Medical ICU. The Beck Oral Assessment Scale (BOAS) was
used to assess the oral cavity and to check the effectiveness of oral care provided by the nurses. Developed
the oral care education program consisted of instructions and a clear procedure outlining oral care. Data was
input into and analyzed using Microsoft Excel.
Results: The existing oral care protocol was found to be effective through the scores on BOAS. The findings
revealed areas needs improvement in practices of nurses. The oral care education programme was planned
and presented to all nurses working in Medical ICU. Scores on the BOAS differed significantly before and
after educational intervention. Resources needed to carry out the protocol were identified and those were
Conclusion: Though the protocol of oral care is in place, there is always room for improvement. Oral
assessment scores improved after reinforcement training as oral care practices were improved.

Author Biography

M Sai Ram1 , Jobby John2 , Claudia Thomas3

Quality Nurse, 2 Senior Nurse Educator, 3 Nurse Educator, QRG Health City, Faridabad, Haryana