Assess the Attitude on Breastfeeding among Fathers of Infants at Selected Hospital, Salem


  • K.Tamizharasi1 , E.Nagalakshmi2



- Attitude, Breast feeding, Likert scale


United Nations Childrens’ Emergency Fund (UNICEF) states that “every year, over one million infants
die and millions of others are impaired, because they are not adequately/exclusively breastfed. A women’s
decision to initiate and continue breastfeeding is influenced by her attitude towards breastfeeding as well as
the breastfeeding attitudes of significant referent people. The aim of this study was to assess the attitude of
fathers on breast feeding which plays a significant role in its practice by the mothers. Quantitative approach
with a descriptive research design was used. Sixty fathers of infants who were accompanying their wives/
children in the pediatric OPD of a tertiary hospital in Salem were selected through purposive sampling
technique. Structured Interview schedule was used to collect the demographic variables & Five point likert
scale was used to collect attitude of fathers. Data was calculated using descriptive & inferential statistics.
Findings revealed that majority of fathers had positive attitude (98.4%) and only 1.6% had neutral attitude
towards breast feeding.

Author Biography

K.Tamizharasi1 , E.Nagalakshmi2

Principal, 2
Professor & HOD, Sri Gokulam College of Nursing, Salem