Effectiveness of Incentive Spirometry on Respiratory Parameters among Patients with Chest Tube Drainage in Icus of a Tertiary Care Hospital, Ludhiana, Punjab


  • Kapil Sharma1 , Amanpreet Kaur2




: Incentive spirometry, respiratory parameters, effectiveness, chest tube drainage


The respiratory system plays a crucial role in delivering oxygen to the cells of our body. The cells of our
body require a continuous supply of oxygen, without this oxygen we would die within minutes. All of this
breathing couldn’t happen without help from the respiratory system. The aim of the study was to assess the
effectiveness of Incentive Spirometry on respiratory parameters among patients with Chest Tube drainage.
A pre-experimental one group pre-test and post-test design was carried out by using purposive sampling
technique and it was conducted on 30 patients with chest tube drainage in ICUs of a tertiary care hospital,
Ludhiana, Punjab. Data was collected by self-report for demographic variables, clinical profile sheet and
assessed the respiratory parameters by using Respiratory Distress Observation Scale (DOS). The Mean±SD of
heart rate in pre-test (O1
) was 1.43±0.50 which got decreased to 0.36±0.49 in post- test (O4
) with statistically
significant at p = 0.000. In pre-test Mean±SD of respiratory rate was 1.30±0.46 and got decreased to 0.30
± 0.46 during post- test. The Mean±SD of restlessness was 1.23±0.81 in pre-test whereas in post-test it was
decreased to 0.23±0.43. The study conclude that Almost all subjects were having respiratory distress during
pre-test but after using incentive spirometry in chest tube drainage patients, the parameters were improved
daily gradually and during post-test only 26.6% patients were having respiratory distress. The results were
highly significant at p<0.05. The incentive spirometry is effective for improving respiratory parameters
among chest tube drainage patients.

Author Biography

Kapil Sharma1 , Amanpreet Kaur2

Associate Professor, College of Nursing, DMC & Hospital, Ludhiana, Punjab, 2
Nurse Practitioner in Critical
Care, DMC & Hospital, Ludhiana, Punjab