Assessment of Knowledge Regarding Computer Related Health Problems among College Students


  • Saratu Garba. Abdullahi1 , Supriya2



computers, health problems


The Voluminous usage of computers is a necessity of academic area. The use of Personal Computer has
grown tremendously to the extent that today millions of people around the world are using computers and
extensive use of the computer creates drastic health hazards on the users. The paper is based on a study
conducted to assess the knowledge regarding computer related health problems among college students”
was based on the objectives, to assess the knowledge regarding computer related Health Problems among
college students, to seek an association between the knowledge and some selected demographic variables.
A quantitative (Non- Experimental) approach was applied and convenient sampling technique was used to
select the sampling. The tool used for the study was validated and the reliability was also established. A
total of 100 students were involved in the study of whom 62 % were male and 38% female aged between
22-25 years. Majority of the students 89% were from the middle class and 53% of the respondents belong
to nuclear family whereas 66% of student’s parents were educated. In regard to the level of education of
maximum students involved in the study were from final and second year of course. The study has indicated
that 29% of the respondents are having inadequate knowledge, 61% of them were found to be having
moderate knowledge on the subject whereas rest of the sample were having adequate knowledge. So it was
concluded that the majority of the respondent had moderate knowledge.

Author Biography

Saratu Garba. Abdullahi1 , Supriya2

Department of Nursing Sciences, Faculty of Alied Health Sciences, Bayero University Kano, Nigeria
Faculty of Nursing, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi college of Nursing, J&K.