Assess the Prevalence of Dementia in the Elderly at Srm General Hospital, Kattankulathur, Kancheepuram District


  • Abirami P.1 , Sangeetha Jagdeesh2 , Sanabam Darshinichanu3



Dementia, prevalence, Progressive brain dysfunction.


Objective: The aim of the study was to determine the prevalence of Dementia among Elderly and to associate
the level of Dementia with their Demographic Variables.
Method: Quantitative approach and non-experimental descriptive research design was used. The data
collection included three parts. Part A: Demographic variables, Part B: Four point rating scale to assess the
Level of Dementia among elderly. A total of 100 students who fulfilled the inclusion criteria were chosen as
samples using non-probability convenient sampling technique. The study was conducted at SRM General
hospital, Kattankulathur.
Results: The data were analyzed and interpreted based on the objectives using descriptive and inferential
statistics. The study concluded that 28 (28%) of them have same than Normal level of Dementia; 50 (50%)
have Worse than Normal level of Dementia; and 22 (22%) have Much Worse than Normal level of Dementia
and there is association between the “Age, Education, Occupation, Family Income, Residence and No of
Children with the “levels of Dementia.
Conclusion: Dementia is progressive brain dysfunction which result in a restriction of daily activities. The
early stage of dementia is often overlooked and incorrectly labeled as normal old age outcomes.

Author Biography

Abirami P.1 , Sangeetha Jagdeesh2 , Sanabam Darshinichanu3

Professor, 2Asst. Prof, 3B.Sc. (N), SRM College of Nursing