Accuracy of Allen Score in Predicting Stroke Type


  • Berna Detha Meilyana1 , Sri Andarini2 , Yati Sri Hayati2



Score stroke, Allen score stroke, Allen or Guys Hospital score validity, validity of Allen score stroke


Background: Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA) or Stroke is an emergency condition that makes the decrease
of nerve function that is impacted by main nerve injury, therefore it can make the physic weakness moreover
the move function will be disappear. Stroke is divided become iskemik and hemoragik. In determining
stroke type, the most important is doing assessment by using CT scan. But, it has a resistance in the develop
country that is influenced by the low economic. Thus, In determining the stroke type it needed the helping
equipment as stroke score, one of stroke score that can be used is Allen score.
Purpose: This systematic review having an objective for knowing the accuration of Allen score in
determining stroke type and providing treatment.
Method: Systematic review is begin by some stages, there are making questions and determining the
objectives, after that finding the right key word to identify the searching data that suitable with the objective
by using “AND” and “OR” method. The article analysis that is published in 2010 up to 2019 by using
Pubmed, Proquest and Science direct. After using article data then doing the selection by using Prism flow
chart and JBI critique tool.
Result and Discussion: The scoring system to the stroke patients is using Allen score that can help in
determining stroke types, diagnose and as the basic giving care to the patient. After doing some analysis,
Allen score has sensitivity, specific, positive prediction and negative prediction that is better used in
determining iskemik stroke.
Conclusion: From some research result that has been done, shows that Allen score tent to have sensitivity,
specification, and positive prediction for determining stroke type.

Author Biography

Berna Detha Meilyana1 , Sri Andarini2 , Yati Sri Hayati2

Magister Students of Brawijaya University, Medical Faculty, Malang, Indonesia,
Lecture of Brawijaya University, Medical Faculty, Malang, Indonesia