Using Team-based Learning for Junior Nursing Students’ Preparation Before Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing Practicum


  • Jiratchayaporn K.1 , Christraksa W.1



Readiness’s preparation, team-based learning, learning outcomes, Thai qualification framework.


Introduction: Junior nursing students who are enrolled in the psychiatric and mental health practicum may
feel anxious and stressed due to a lack of self-preparation before taking part in the clinical work. Such feelings
can have an influence on self-confidence, which, in turn, can affect achievement of learning outcomes (LOs)
and knowledge. Team-based Learning (TBL) is one of the useful techniques that clinical instructors can
apply to promote junior nursing students’ self-confidence, thus increasing both their knowledge and LOs.
Aims: To compare the pre-test and post-test scores of knowledge and self-confidence to achieve LOs of
junior nursing students in both the experimental and control groups.
Materials and Method: This quasi-experimental study employed a two-group pre-test and post-test design.
The conceptual framework was developed based on an integration of the framework proposed by Michaelsen
et al. (2004) and the Thai qualification framework (TQF). The sample consisted of junior nursing students
recruited by means of purposive sampling, with 32 in the experimental group receiving TBL in the orientation
class and 32 in the control group who had only self-preparation. Students’ knowledge questionnaire, selfconfidence for achieving learning outcomes questionnaire, and demographic data questionnaire were used
to collect the data.
Results: There were statistically significant differences in both the scores of knowledge and self-confident to
achieve learning outcomes of the experimental group received TBL (p < .001) and the control group.
Conclusion: TBL can be used to enable nursing students to achieve learning outcomes in the psychiatric and
mental health nursing field.

Author Biography

Jiratchayaporn K.1 , Christraksa W.1

Lecturer, Division of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, Faculty of Nursing,
Prince of Songkla University (Hat Yai campus), Thailand