Relationship between Nurse Knowledge and Decision Making of Code Blue Activation in Rsud Bangil Pasuruan, Indonesia


  • Lina Munawaroh1, Wisnu Barlianto1 , Setyoadi1



Nurse knowledge, decision, code blue activation.


Background: The Code Blue system at RSUD Bangil Pasuruan was formed in the context of the safety of
patients, visitors, and employees who experience heart and respiratory failure in the hospital area. The Code
Blue team is a team that can carry out continued life assistance quickly, thereby reducing the incidence of
death in hospitals. In its application, The Code Blue system of RSUD Bangil Pasuruanwas running less than
optimal. The death process of inpatients who should have received basic life support assistance by The Code
Blue team often ended in death without any effort to activate the available code blue system. The nurse
knowledge factor is thought to have a connection with the constrained implementation of The Code Blue
system in RSUD Bangil.
Objective: This study aims to identify the relationship between nurse knowledge and the decision making
of code blue activation in RSUD Bangil Pasuruan.
Method: This quantitative study used an analytic observational design with a cross-sectional approach.
Respondents of 101 nurses in general inpatients were selected based on a purposive sampling quota
technique. The research instrument was a questionnaire for all variables.
Results: A bivariate analysis using Spearman rank correlation showed that there was a significant, positive
(unidirectional) and very weak relationship with nurse knowledge of the decision making of code blue
activation in RSUD Bangil Pasuruan
Conclusion: Nurse knowledge needs to be improved to optimize the decision of code blue activation in
RSUD Bangil Pasuruan.

Author Biography

Lina Munawaroh1, Wisnu Barlianto1 , Setyoadi1

Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University, Malang, Indonesia