Development of Fundamental Nursing Instructional Teaching Media for Nursing Student of Suratthani Rajabhat University, Thailand


  • Nittaya Srisuk1 , Nutchanath Wichit1



Developmental research, Fundamental nursing, Nursing student, Teaching media.


Nursing care is the core of any nursing education curriculum. Developing teaching and learning strategies
to enhance skills development and response to student learning need is challenging for educators. This
was a developmental study produced instructional teaching media. There were 95 seconds year nursing
student participated in the study by using purposive sampling. The two focus group was conducted in order
to gather the instructional media needed. The instructional media then was develop based on the student
demanded. The instructional media quality was assessed by three experts and comprehensively assessed by
nursing students and made amendments as suggested. Data were collect by using two research instruments
consisted of 1) nursing practice assessment form 2) satisfaction assessment form. Data were analysis using
descriptive statistic, and one sample t-test. The results revealed that the instructional media of fundamental
nursing practice skills according to standard criteria greater than 80/80. The students had significantly higher
mean score of fundamental nursing skills suctioning, dressing, and drug administrating practice than critical
standard (t=13.63, 13.38, and 19.89 respectively, p<.001). The findings suggested that the instructional
media developing in conjunction with the student desired was effective in improving fundamental nursing
skills and satisfaction.

Author Biography

Nittaya Srisuk1 , Nutchanath Wichit1

RN, Ph.D.*, Faculty of Nursing, Suratthani Rajabhat University, 272, Moo 9,
Khuntale, Muang, Suratthani, Thailand, 84100