A Study to Assess the Knowledge of Mother Regarding Common Domestic Childhood Accident and its Prevention in Pediatric Ward in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Bhubaneswar


  • S. Bhaktiswarupa1 , Priya Kumari2 , Sarbani Roy2 , Sathi Bhakta2 , Sriparna Chatterjee2




Quantitative approach, Knowledge, Mothers, Domestic Accident.


Home Accidents have been identified as the largest single cause of death after the age of one year and are
among the most severe health problems facing the world today. Keeping the toddler safe is a major priority
for parents. Kid source online categories about toddler’s accidents were home safety from poisoning,
electrical appliances, environmental safety from fall and drowning and safety play from injurious toys.
Injury prevention at home is an important concern of parents of toddlers. situations that can result in injury
In both the industrialized world and developing countries, accidents remain one of the major five leading
causes of death. The objective of the study was to assess the level of knowledge regarding prevention of
domestic accidents A quantitative approach with descriptive research design was selected for the study. 50
number of mothers were selected by convenience sampling techniques from paediatric OPD. After obtaining
the permission from institutional authority the consent from the mothers were taken the knowledge was
assessed by using a self administered structured questionnaire. The result showed that greater than 54%
of mother are having average knowledge, 30% of mother having poor knowledge and 16% of mother are
having good knowledge regarding the prevention of domestic accident.

Author Biography

S. Bhaktiswarupa1 , Priya Kumari2 , Sarbani Roy2 , Sathi Bhakta2 , Sriparna Chatterjee2

Faculty of Nursing, Kalinga Institute of Nursing Sciences, Bhubaneswar, Odisha,
B.Sc. Nursing Student, Kalinga Institute of Nursing Sciences, Bhubaneswar, Odisha