Integrating a Gallery Walk in a Nursing Classroom: A Nurse Educator’s Perspectives and Student’s Reflections


  • Sheeba Elizabeth J.1 , Diana Prasad2 , Frincy Francis1 , Harshita Prabhakaran



Gallery Walk, Active Learning, Cooperative Learning, Innovative teaching, Peer group learning.


Teaching and learning are two important components that travel synchronously in the journey of education.
It is also like two sides of a coin that is used in our day-to-day life. Current students need newer and
interactive method of learning. Gallery walk is an active learning approach performed in the classroom,
which facilitates students to gain knowledge on a specific subject matter through interaction. The main aim
of this active learning experience is to share experience of the Gallery walk as classroom interactive learning
method: Nurse Educators’ Reflection. The scope is to stimulate critical thinking amongst students that enrich
the teaching learning environment in an optimistic fashion. A trial implementation of gallery walk was done
in the nursing classroom of Symbiosis CON during a child health nursing lecture by the second author. The
instructor gave the basic guidelines about the gallery walk. Every student passed through the six tables,
which had a discussion period of 15 minutes each. After all groups finish with all study tables, the instructor
or facilitator gathered the class and summarized the topic. The collective reflections from students will
be used for the betterment of this method for future lectures. This paper focuses on the nurse educator’s
perspectives beginning from planning, implementing and evaluating the Gallery walk as a classroom based
active learning approach in a nursing college. To conclude, synchronized learning environment is essential
for all the undergraduate nursing students in all levels of learning.

Author Biography

Sheeba Elizabeth J.1 , Diana Prasad2 , Frincy Francis1 , Harshita Prabhakaran

1Lecturer, College of Nursing, SQU, Oman, 2Nursing Tutor, Symbiosis College of Nursing, Maharashtra, India