A Comparative Study to Assess the Knowledge Regarding Dengue Fever and its Prevention among All Women at the Selected Urban and Rural Areas of Ratia (Fatehabad)


  • Sudesh Devi1 , Anju




: Comparison, knowledge, women, health guide, dengue fever, prevention.


Dengue infection is a mosquito-borne arboviral infection. An important criterion to consider in the diagnosis
of dengue infection is history of travel or residence in a dengue-endemic area within 2 weeks of the onset
of fever. The spectrum of dengue virus infection ranges from an asymptomatic or undifferentiated febrile
illness to severe infection. Criteria for diagnosis of probable dengue include history of travel or residence in
a dengue-endemic area, plus high grade fever of acute onset and two of the following signs and symptoms:
nausea/vomiting, rash, severe aches and pains (also called ‘break bone fever’), positive tourniquet test,
leukopenia, and any warning sign. Presence of any of the following warning signs–abdominal pain or
tenderness, persistent vomiting, clinical fluid accumulation, mucosal bleeding, lethargy, restlessness, liver
enlargement greater than 2 cm, and an increase in hematocrit concurrent with rapid decrease in platelet
count–will require strict observation and medical intervention.

Author Biography

Sudesh Devi1 , Anju

Senior Nursing Tutor (Birender Singh College of Nursing,Uchana, Jind),
Assistant Professor (Ved Nursing College, Baroli, Panipat)