The Nurses’ Role in Handling Increased Intracranial Pressure for Hemodinamic Stats in Head Injury Patients


  • Sutiyo Dani Saputro1 , Siswanto2 , Yulian Wiji Utami



Nursing treatment, Intracranial Pressure, Hemodynamic status, Head Injury


Background: Head injury is a major matter of death and disability at a young or productive age. The
prevalence of head injuries has occurred and increased. The incidence of head injuries in the world was
reported 29,770 cases. A head injury produces intracranial haemorrhage, following the increased intracranial
pressure. The increased intracranial pressure changes the hemodynamic status in the body. The treatment of
increased intracranial pressure needs to be conducted immediately to avoid a bigger impact.
Purpose: This review is to determine the handling management of intracranial pressure elevation for
hemodynamic status in head injury patients.
Method: The article adopted a systematic review. The identification of literature was performed by searching
journal articles that have been published in 2009-2019 within databases such as Proquest, EBSCO, Science
Direct, and Pubmed. The search was using keywords : nurse handling, intracranial pressure, hemodynamic
status and, head injury. The selected articles that were decided by a combination of PRISMA flow diagrams
with the Joana Brigg Institution (JBI) checklist obtained 16 corresponding articles.
Result and Discussion: The management of intracranial pressure such as positioning, hypothermia
management, and ventilation control as well as medical actions such as adequate oxygenation, drainage
action, diuretic and hyperosmolar therapy, blood sugar control, and decompressive craniectomy.
Conclusion: Management of increased intracranial pressure for hemodinamyc status in head injury patients
consists of positioning, oxygenation, hyperventilation, drainage, diuretic therapy, hypothermia management,
blood sugar control, decompressive craniectomy

Author Biography

Sutiyo Dani Saputro1 , Siswanto2 , Yulian Wiji Utami

Students of Nursing Master Study Program, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya,
2Lecturer of Nursing Study Program, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya