Effectivity of Awareness Programme Regarding Pubertal Changes among Adolescent Boys in Selected Urban and Rural Schools


  • Bibin Kurian1 , Archana Maurya2




Puberty, Sexuality, Experiments, Nervousness, Stressed, Nausea, Vomiting, Headache and Stomach ache.


Because of the physical changes at the time of puberty, children in the age group of 10 to 19 show more
interest to know about sex and sexuality. With the thinking of what father and brother will think of me if I ask
doubts about the changes, they bury their doubts inside themselves. They do not get correct answer about the
changes in the anatomy and sexuality. In such situations, they talk with other children in the same age group
who are also facing the same situation. When they are unable to collect more knowledge, they become leaner
to know about the opposite sex. Most of them do experiments and land up with worsened situation. They can
take care of themselves in a healthy and adaptive way if we provide correct and enough knowledge about the
changes that happens in their body at different ages and sexuality. If we hesitate to provide correct and must
knowledge to the children, they will be in a confused state and is ashamed of not having proper knowledge
about their own body. So the condition can be more vulnerable.
Because of the lack of correct knowledge about puberty, the adolescent boys may feel more anxiety, more
tension, sometimes fear, nervousness, becomes restlessness and extremely stressed. The lack of correct
knowledge can lead to a situation that they won’t be able to manage the situation. In that case, they try drugs,
drinks and smoking. Ultimately this will leads to bullying, lying, drunk driving, rebellious behavior, body
issues and mental health issues. Other than these, they may feel physical symptoms like nausea, vomiting,
headache, stomach ache etc. They also have the right to enjoy their life in a healthy manner.

Author Biography

Bibin Kurian1 , Archana Maurya2

Asst. Professor & HOD, Dept. of Child Health Nursing, SRMM College of Nursing, Sawangi (M), Wardha,
Maharashtra, India 442001, 2
Professor, Dept. of Child Health Nursing, SRMM College of Nursing, Sawangi(M),
Wardha, Maharashtra, India