The Influences of Nurses’ Communication toward Code Blue Team Activation Decision Making at Hospitals


  • Ekwantoro1 , Kuswantoro Rusca Putra2 , Setyoadi2



Communication, decision making, code blue.


Communication with peers and making decisions are the main successful components in code blue team
activation. Communication provides information concerning patients. Thus, code blue team activation
becomes the appropriate thing. This research aims to find out the nurses’ communication toward the code
blue team activation decision in the hospital. This research applied a cross-sectional study design. The
applied sampling technique was purposive sampling. The sample consisted of 93 hospitalized patients. The
data collection was done by distributing the questionnaire. The questionnaire had undergone validity and
reliability tests. The data analysis process applied spearman rank statistics test and multiple linear regression.
The results show that the average score of nurses’ communications is 34.7 (SD + 2.23). The decision making
of the nurses was based on their intuition, 72%. The linear regression shows the communication component
in the form of common interest. It became the dominant factor in decision making. It could be concluded
there was communication influence in deciding the code blue team activation.

Author Biography

Ekwantoro1 , Kuswantoro Rusca Putra2 , Setyoadi2

1Nursing Master Students of Brawijaya University, 2Lecturers of Brawijaya University