Exploring Conceptual context for Resilience Assessment Scale for children with Renal Diseases.


  • Manmeet Kaur1 , Manmeet Kaur1




Resilience, Resilience Assessment Scale, physical and psychological impairment, conceptual framework.


The period of adolescence is considered as a developmental period that not only inculcates subjectivity to
the life but also improves the critical thinking labelling environmental processes. Disease and sufferings
are considered to be part of almost all age groups thus deteriorating physical and psychological well-being
as a whole. Moreover, the course of hospitalization during the phase of disease can lead to stress, delayed
coping mechanisms. The major factors that lead to the former are change in health shifts of the hospital staff,
painful procedures, lack of social and peer engagements, separation from parents and most importantly loss
of self-esteem. The process of hospitalization can lead to disturbed body image in the paediatric client, low
self-esteem and confidence, delayed milestones and poor mental abilities in a long run. In order to combat
the overwhelming physical and psychological conditions there is a need to develop a Resilience Scale that
would help to identify the coping levels in the child and hence can help the health care professional ton
provide efficient quality care. Towards systematic developmental process there is a need to formulate a
conceptual model with the inter-related concepts or abstractions that would be assembled in a rational and
explanatory scheme. The Conceptual framework is needed to be utilized through an extensive literature
review supporting linkage of selected, interrelated concepts on the basis of Rosswurum and Larrabee Model
that recognized the translation of research into practice. Resilience scale can further be developed through
implementation of the conceptual; model that can help the health care professionals to provide psychological
distractions and effective coping strategies before providing the physical treatments thus helping with an
easy resilience.

Author Biography

Manmeet Kaur1 , Manmeet Kaur1

Research Scholar, Chitkara School of Health Sciences, Chitkara University, Punjab, India