The Effect of Mindfulness-Based Psycho-Educational Program on Insight and Socio Occupational Functioning of Schizophrenic Patients


  • Sabah Hassan El-Amrosy1 , Hanaa Mohamed Abo Shereda2



Mindfulness-based psych educational program, cognitive insight, Socio occupational functioning, schizophrenia.


Background: Schizophrenia causes many difficulties in the lives of patients because it is a chronic disease
that reduces the mindfulness, causes disability, low insight, loss of social and vocational skills, and continues
with relapses. psychoeducation in either an individual or group format, on a fortnightly to monthly basis,
should be offered to patients with schizophrenia as it is consistently effective in patients' awareness of
and insight into their schizophrenia and other functional outcomes. Mindfulness-based intervention helps
patients with schizophrenia relate differently to their psychotic experiences by opening their awareness and
non-judgmental acceptance and allow a more adaptive strategy of coping and control over those psychotic
symptoms to be used by patients with schizophrenia.
Aim of the Study: The study aimed to assess the effect of mindfulness-based psychoeducation program on
insight and socio-occupational functioning of schizophrenic patients.
Method: A quasi-experimental research design with a pretest-posttest is used to achieve the aim of the study.
The study was conducted at The Psychiatric and Addiction Treatment Hospital in Meet-Khalaf that affiliated
to the Ministry of Health at Menoufia Governorate, Egypt. A convince sample of 58 schizophrenic patients
from inpatient of the above-mentioned setting was recruited for this study. The study sample was divided
into two groups 30 patients in the case group and 28 patients in control. Three tools were used; Structured
interview questionnaire, Beck Cognitive Insight Scale (BCIS) and Socio-Occupational Functioning Scale
Results: The results of this study revealed that there a was a significant decrease of mean Socio occupational
functioning scale score in the study group after intervention than before (38.56±3.1 to be 28.23). Also, there
was a highly statistically significant difference found in the cognitive insight scale and its subscales score
among study groups pre and post-intervention.
Conclusion: Mindfulness-based intervention have increased the cognitive insight and socio occupational
functioning of the patients in the study group.
Recommendation: Mindfulness-based psych educational program should be implemented as a routine care
for all schizophrenic patients.

Author Biography

Sabah Hassan El-Amrosy1 , Hanaa Mohamed Abo Shereda2

Assistant Professor of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Menoufia University, Egypt,
Lecturer of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Menoufia University, Egypt