Perceived Level of Preparation for Nursing Internship


  • Abeer Mohamed Abdelkader1 , Rowena Abundo2 , Gremma Baratas



Clinical Experience; Educational Preparation; Nurse; Internship.


Background: Internship programs have increased in number and popularity in the past decade. It was
designed to assist in the transition period of nursing graduates and providing the necessary specialized
training to work in various specialty. Nursing programs assure the basics of a comprehensive knowledge that
support novice students to get ready to practice in different workplace.
Purpose: The study aimed to identify perceived level of preparation for nursing internship.
Method: A descriptive exploratory research design was employed with the sample of 121 nurse interns and
Clinical preparation requirements Electronic survey utilized for data collection.
Result: Majority of the respondents gave their highest percentage for educational preparation requirements
with Teaching & Information Giving, Psychomotor Skills and Communications Skills (79.70%, 78.82% and
76.92% respectively). Also, regarding nursing process the results revealed that the respondents indicated
their highest percentage with evaluation and intervention steps (76.03 and 75.7% respectively)
Conclusion: The respondents perceived that all educational preparation requirement described in the current
study were essential/very important for their preparation for practice during internship training and for
developing their clinical competencies.

Author Biography

Abeer Mohamed Abdelkader1 , Rowena Abundo2 , Gremma Baratas

Assistant Professor, College of Applied Medical Sciences/King Faisal University,
Lecturer, College of Applied Medical Sciences, King Faisal University