Analysis of Factors that Influence the Stress Assessment of the Parents of Childern with Autism


  • Hasyim As’ari1 , Suriana1 , HilmiYumni3



Family function, mother, children, educational services and stress assessment.


Introduction: Parental stress arises related to the behavioural problems and abilities of children, cost
required, education and therapy, relationship problems and supports of family members of parenting to the
children with autism. Parental stress can result in parenting behaviour of children with autism becoming
inappropriate. The purpose of study analyses the factors that influence parental stress of children with autism.
Method: The method used the observational quantitative study through a cross sectional approach. The data
collection used Multi Stage Random Sampling in 5 therapy centers/SLB Autism represented Surabaya. The
number of samples were 105 that chosen by random sampling.
Result: Hypothesis calculation analysis of factor influences to the parental stress assessment used T-test
that derived from the result of significant influences with the significance level <0.05. The insignificant
influences are factors of family function, mother and educational services to the stress assessment. The
significant influence is the factor of children to the stress assessment.
Discussion: Factors of family, mother and educational services functions insignificantly influence to the
stress assessment. The factors of children as personal stressor significantly influences to the assessment of
parental stress. The parents are hopefully able to manage the support of family, educational services and
mother is more able to adapt to the children in parenting children with autism.

Author Biography

Hasyim As’ari1 , Suriana1 , HilmiYumni3

1Lectures, 2Associate Professor, Health Polytechnic of the Ministry of Health, Surabaya